Love in the Ramble: An Exclusive Excerpt From the New Book ‘Accidental Warlocks’

Most of what I know about sex I learned cruising parks and public bathrooms. There is a kind of beauty to the anonymity of being inside a stranger or having them inside you, feeling them as they come, their arms tightening around you, the way their breath changes. There is an intimacy even in the most degrading moments.

As a teenager, I would spend weekends at my best friend’s place on Central Park West. We would spend Saturday mornings watching the Robyn Bird show. I would suck him off before going out to cruise the Rambles at Central Park. I can still see his dick, the shape of it, short but thick, stubby, the smell of sweat, the smell of him. I can still remember the way it slid perfectly down my throat. I remember teasing him, the way he would moan, telling me to go slow. Not too fast Jeff, not yet, I don’t want to cum yet.


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