Ever since I was a little kid all I ever wanted to be was a writer. I’m afraid it’s all I’m ever going to be any good at, so wish me luck.

I’m also queer and HIV Positive. I live in Los Angles. I wrote a book, Accidental Warlocks, that you can find on Amazon and I’m working on my second novel, All That We Desire. I wrote a gay horror movie that maybe, if we are all lucky, we can all watch together one day!

I believe, that as a 52 year old HIV Positive gay man, visibility is important. So I write a lot about my experiences, because I want anyone out there who is queer, who is positive, who is struggling with who they are, to know that it’s ok. We are ok. Just as we are.

We all deserve to be here. We all deserve to shine as bright as we can. Even if that sounds corny as fuck, I don’t care. I have a lot of hope right now. I say this in the middle of a pandemic when our country is run by a white supremacist fascist that I still believe there is all this hope and possibility. Even when it seems impossible.

Being LGBTQIA is radical as fuck. Being visible, refusing to be anybody other than who we are, is an act of political defiance.

We have the right to be ourselves. To be seen. To be as Queer as possible. Regardless of our gender identity, our race, our sexual preferences, our masculinity or femininity, the shapes of our bodies, our ages or HIV Status. And fuck anyone who has a problem with that.

Thanks for reading.  You can follow me at Facebook and on Instagram, at leavelljeff.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your personal lives. I just found your blogs today, as I tried to research Gay Triad Relationships. There’s no manual. We all go out to unchartered territory and find that we’re discovering daily. I had no idea the emotional toll opening a 6 year monogamish relationship into a Triad would be….the love….THAT DAMN WORD, LOVE…and the joys, pains, yearnings that word brings to us all! Thanks again. Your blog has filled me with hope, inspiration and courage and the wisdom to know the ups will be there and so will the downs! And those downs can be the building blocks for better ups!


  2. Subject: Vice news Blog “Why My Completely Open, Boundary-Free Relationship Works”

    Hi, I was really looking for more information about why your completely open relationship works and less about your recanting of your extramarital adventure in London. Not to say it wasn’t a fun read, just not what I expected. There wasn’t much said about the feelings and reactions from the other men involved. The impression I got was, “this works because you have dived completely into being selfish.”

    Not that its a wrong thing, perhaps that was the message, but I still wonder what the reactions were.


    1. Hey Terrance, thanks so much for your message. So, First, I would never do this if I hadn’t of already known that it was allowed in my relationship. As I say in the story, my husband Alex already has his own BF outside the relationship. Jon has had his outside experiences. We are totally and completely allowed to do this kind of thing. Regarding the title of the story, I don’t come up with that. The Vice Editors do. But I would say, my point in the story is we are in a new experience. We are trying to trust each other and to realize that much of my fears and insecurites (I don’t talk about it in this piece but I do in others of mine…I’m the jealous one. I’m usually the one who gets upset) come from my fear that I will be left, and so far I haven’t been. I don’t think Noah counts as an extramarital affair either. He is someone I am dating. Someone I’m allowed to date. Someone I want to see more of. But again, the reactions of Alex and Jon were supportive. They encouraged me to go back to London and see where this thing leads. Which is what I’m doing. Again, thanks so much for your comment!!!! That’s so awesome you wrote!

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  3. This was beautiful. I don’t know what happened to the sexual revolution part of gay rights and LGBTQ activism, but I’m glad some of us folks are trying to keep it alive. If it doesn’t work for you -fine. There are tons of options. But let slutdom LIVE!


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