Sex Shaming in the LGBTQ Community Is Threatening to Tear Us Apart

“It’s just gross,” Chris was saying. “He’s complete trash. A total human dumpster.”
We were at Precinct, a queer club in Downtown L.A. I was surprised by Chris’s reaction, and the vehemence of it.
“Maybe he’s just having fun,” I said.
We were talking about a friend. We’ll call him Frank. Videos of Frank had appeared online recently: Frank at a sex party in Palm Springs. Frank was having lots of open and explicit sex.
“He isn’t having fun. It’s just sad. Gross. He’s a total sex addict, and if he isn’t a sex addict then he’s just a slut. I’m done with this guy. I don’t need people like that in my life.”
“Or maybe he’s just having a wild night,” I went on. “Who cares?”
“Who cares? He makes all of us look bad. He proves everything Republicans have ever said about gay guys to be true,” Chris said.


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