Be the Best Queer Sexual Deviant You Can Be in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not like any other city I have lived in or visited. I’m originally a New Yorker, and at 30 I moved to L.A.

I always say that L.A. can be one of the worst cities to visit but one of the best cities to live in. That’s because, unlike New York or London or San Francisco, L.A. is not laid out for you. It’s not easily accessible. The city is like a secret urban fairy tale hidden behind stunning beaches and mountains and endless blue skies, contrasted by a sometimes-ugly, sometimes-gorgeous urban sprawl of stucco and post-modern apartment buildings and strange villas and tiny bungalows and edgy artists’ lofts. L.A. is a city that must be unlocked before it can be experienced, but once you find the way in, I think it’s one of the most amazing, magical places in the whole world.



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