2 thoughts on “When Toxic Masculinity Infects Our Queer Spaces We All Lose

  1. Dude, you work for the Eagle. There is no queer establishment in Los Angeles which more embodies all things ToxMasc than the Eagle. No LGBTQ space in the city is more openly hostile to people who don’t live up to ToxMasc notions.
    And you’re writing this piece for Vice, which made worldwide headlines over the past few weeks as one of the most notoriously mysogynistic newsrooms on earth.

    Do you always throw rocks in glass houses?


    1. Hey thanks for your reply. I try to address this in the story that I’m not in anyway attacking masculinity. BUT I would argue That the Eagle LA is an example of a place that celebrates masculinity in a positive way while still being incredibly welcoming. CubScout is a queer party run by viktor Rodriquez and hosted by House of Avalon. Twice a month we have a girl focused party. We have a Latino focused party. Etc. I think the bar has actively tried to make sure there is a balance. Vice has struggled like the NyTimes and Washington Post and most other major networks and studios. I think that the MeToo movement is great I think the fact that these organizations are getting called out and held accountable is fucking amazing. I think the fact that Vice allows me the opportunity to discuss these things is awesome and the fact that I am allowed to work at the Eagle but still openly criticize aspects of its culture is a testimony to these places and not a negative. I’m sorry you feel I didn’t live up to my goal but I will continue to write about these things because I believe it is important. Thanks again for your comment .


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